How to prevent problems in sexual life and increase potency effectively?

Asking a question: “How to increase potency?” many men do not think about preventive measures. Usually men start looking for the ways to deal with the problem after it has already come. But it is necessary to realize that if the potency deteriorates, it means that the health suffered negative factors for a long time. The longer the disease progressed, the more difficult it is to overcome it.What do you need to know and do in order to prevent the emergence of difficulties in sexual life? First of all, it would be appropriate to say that you need to constantly look for the general state of your health.

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Top-4 Preventive measures you must take to avoid potency problems

There are several things to keep in mind when you want to prevent the appearance of unwanted problems with your potency. Take the following measures and you will manage to stay sexually active much longer.

  • Say “No” to alcohol and cigarettes

Men who quit smoking and excessive drinking are happy to discover that their sexual function is returning to normal. It turns out that the path to strengthening the potency is much shorter than it seemed! Nicotine is the main threat to testosterone – a hormone that creates a healthy and lasting erection. At the same time, alcohol also lowers the production of this important hormone for any man.

  • Control your weight

Excess pounds are extremely bad for the potency. The glands are not able to secrete testosterone when the body literally “cries” from the fat deposits. In addition, excess weight increases the concentration of cholesterol and there is a blockage of blood vessels. The blood loses the ability to quickly pour to the male body. Thus, excess weight is very dangerous for full potency.

  • Take care of your mental well-being

You can apply auto-training or visit a psychologist specializing in relations problems if you understand that this can cause a problem in your sexual life. Often problems with erectile function arise on the basis of psychological experiences. These can be consequences of unsuccessful sexual intercourse, uncertainty about their sexual abilities, etc. In any case, you need to get rid of sexual complexes, if not yourself, then with the help of doctors – a sex therapist or psychotherapist.

It is a common situation when a partner is a reason of erectile dysfunction in men. Normalize relations with your woman and you won’t have potency problems.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

There are a lot of physical exercises directed specially at prevention of potency problems in men. Before you go to bed, it is also recommended to apply contrast baths. Hot and cool water is filled with two tanks – change baths 8-10 times, being in each approximately a minute. In addition, you need to eat right, saturate your body with vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables. Increased potency is promoted by egg yolks, walnuts, chocolate products, honey, milk carrots smothered in milk. For treat ED see more about Cialis pills.

How to strengthen male potency?

In order to increase potency you should follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid stress and prolonged depressions.
  • Get enough sleep. Spend at least 8 hours a day. Sleep should take place in complete silence and darkness.
  • Do morning exercises, go to gym and try to stay physically active as much as possible.
  • Have enough rest as extra working hours will definitely harm your potency.
  • Exclude harmful foods from your ration.
  • Use natural remedies. A great way to raise the tone is the root of ginseng. Tincture of this aphrodisiac will help improve potency. You need to take 30-40 drops in the morning on an empty stomach, washing down with water. This product does not cause side effects.