Methods of ED treatment and use of Cialis to improve male functions

One of the most common diseases of the male genitourinary system is erectile dysfunction. Most men consider this disease a personal problem, which is not customary to talk about, and do not consult a doctor. Some of them think that erectile dysfunction is incurable. This is not true: in 95% of cases, erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated. The main thing is to define the cause of this illness. Erectile dysfunction is not a disease as such but only a diagnostic symptom that signals the presence of more serious health problems, so you need to immediately consult a doctor and get a check if you notice difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection; the erection becomes weaker; the morning erection becomes less pronounced.

Which methods of treating ED are there?

Now experts are convinced that in most cases impotence is caused by purely organic (not psychological) reasons. All methods of treating impotence are divided into conservative and operative.

Conservative methods of treating impotence include drug therapy or the use of vacuum-constrictor devices (vacuum pumps).

Method number 1: Intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs

The essence of the method is microinjection of vasoactive drugs directly into the penis before sexual intercourse. The method of intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs has become the most common and most effective among conservative methods of treating erectile dysfunction. For treatment, prostaglandin alprostadil is used, both in the form of monotherapy, and in various combinations.

The combination of drugs is used to reduce the side effects of each of them by reducing the concentration. The complex program approach to the appointment of intracavernous therapy makes it possible to make the application of this method effective and safe.

Method number 2: Intraurethral therapy for ED

For intraurethral applications, various drugs are used, such as alprostadil. From the urethra, the drug is absorbed and enters the cavernous bodies with blood flow, where reactions that cause an erection occur. This method is similar to the previous one, but allows exclude injection into the penis.

Currently, this therapy is not widely used because of the high cost of drugs and adverse reactions (burning sensation in the urethra), as well as the need for mandatory condom use.

Method number 3: Vacuum-constrictive therapy

The essence of the method is to create a negative pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis with the help of a vacuum cylinder and a pump, which causes blood flow and an erection held by applying a special compressive ring at the base of the penis, limiting the venous outflow. Thus, it becomes possible to perform sexual intercourse, which lasts no more than 30 minutes.

The effectiveness of the method is 40-50%. The disadvantages include practical use of the device (it is impossible to hide from the partner, etc.), painful ejaculation (ejaculation), caused by the constricting ring, hemorrhages on the penis, feeling of numbness of the penis,

Method number 4: Surgical treatment

Operative intervention in recent years is used increasingly rarely because of the high effectiveness of drug therapy. Surgical methods are used in extreme cases, when conservative treatment does not give the desired results and for certain indications.

Operative treatment of venous insufficiency of the penis is performed in case of lesion of the venous mechanism of the penis. Despite the great age of this method, its effectiveness is about 50%. However, even with relatively low results, venous surgery of the penis is still applied in clinical practice, as an addition to other previously mentioned methods, which allows achieving high results.

Operative treatment is indicated in the case of insufficient arterial blood flow into the penis. Arterial microvascular shunting is performed, the efficiency of which varies from 30 to 50%. This operation shows high efficiency only in young patients.

Prosthesis of the penis is currently the main method of restoring the rigidity of the penis. Implantation of prostheses is the final stage in the treatment of impotence, when all previous methods of treatment failed.

Method number 5: Psychotherapeutic technique of focusing sensuality

In the issue of treating impotence, scientific medical advice sounds in unison with some chapters of the Kama Sutra. The main role is given to the three-step technique of focusing sensuality. This technique advises during to pay more attention to the satisfaction of the partner sexual intercourse:

  • At the first stage, the partners deliver mutual pleasure without contact with the sexual organs.
  • At the second stage, partners touch the sexual organs and erogenous zones of the partner, but do not have sexual intercourse.
  • And only at the third stage there is sexual intercourse.

Sure that this method can also be helpful but only in case the nature of ED you suffer from is of psychological problems. In any case it can be used in the complex with medical treatment.

Method number 6: Medication therapy using Cialis and Cialis Super Active

Currently, Cialis and Cialis Super Active based on Tadalafil are successfully used to combat impotence. The effectiveness of the drugs is unquestionable.

Modern medicament preparations (so-called sexual dope), used in clinical practice, allow to achieve higher treatment efficiency, which reaches 70-80%. These drugs are characterized by the presence of not serious side effects, such as minor headache, sudden redness of the face and neck, hyperemia of the nasal cavity, changes in color perception and visual acuity.

Take 20 mg of Cialis and you will notice great effect very soon. Both versions Cialis and Cialis Super Active are very effective for men suffering from ED. They have many similar features as they work on the same active substance. This means that the contraindications as well as possible side effects are also the same in both drugs. The only difference is that as the name of the drug supposes Super Active means that this version of Cialis is even more efficient able to provide men with a stable erection up to 48 hours compared to the standard Cialis working during 36 hours. However, each man’s organism is individual and the number of hours may be less than it is written in the drugs’ instruction.

Both ED drugs can be taken together with food and small amount of alcohol.

Manufacturers of the drug Cialis conducted clinical trials, which involved more than 4,000 men testing the effectiveness and safety of this drug. In 81% of cases, the drug not only helped to improve erectile function but also showed good tolerability.

Cialis and Cialis Super Active are useful for:

  • Restoring the erection;
  • achieving the erection necessary for the sexual intercourse;
  • maintaining a normal erection during sex;
  • getting satisfaction from sex;
  • experiencing positive emotions;
  • getting satisfaction from a good erection;
  • restoring confidence in maintaining an erection.

Compared to other methods described, Cialis treatment of ED is the most popular nowadays due to the obvious reasons as it is convenient, effective and safe.