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How does Cialis (super active) in Capsules Work?

Are you looking for the erectile dysfunction treatment with instant effect as you are tired of failures trying to achieve erection? Cialis Super Active Plus or so called Cialis in capsules is exactly such high-quality analog of original Cialis which is produced by Delta Enterprises in India in the form of capsules. Want to know which benefits can Cialis in capsules provide you with? Then you will be able to find out everything you need to know about this drug for ED treatment before using it.

Action of the new form of Cialis production

Cialis plus is available in blister packs containing 10 gelatin capsules of the yellow color.

Like the original Cialis its generic Cialis Plus contains a daily dose of Tadalafil, which is 20 mg (the optimal dose sufficient for successful intercourse). Cialis increases blood flow into the corpora cavernosa of the penis due to the potentiation of vasodilatory action of nitric oxide, released during sexual excitement from the nerve endings innervating the penis. The feature that makes Cialis generic different from its original version is the improved formula. The drug formulation is considered to be more effective thanks to the gel disposed in the capsule. Such a dosage form can help the drug to instantly get into the blood and guarantee the high efficiency of the drug in the fight against erectile dysfunction of various origins. Where to buy cialis online safely and anonymously? Answer :

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Main advantages of Cialis Plus:

Cialis is considered to be one of the best preparations to enhance erection. Cialis Super Active Plus can’t be called the full analogue as it works more effective than Brand Cialis offering the following advantages:

  • Faster action: The result can be observed within 5-6 min. The active ingredient is immediately absorbed by the body and starts acting.
  • Duration of performance: up to two days. Long period of action is guaranteed by the innovative formula providing long-lasting effect for 24-36 hours.
  • It has a minimum number of contraindications to the reception.
  • Security: natural gelatin shell does not irritate the stomach. Therefore, the drug can be taken even by people who cannot tolerate drugs in conventional tablet form.
  • Good tolerability: Tadalafil is well tolerated at any age.
  • Cost: the drug provides a stable erection at a reasonable price.
  • Total freedom of action. Taking Tadalafil, a man should not change his eating The rate of manifestation of effect and duration of action can’t be influenced by the fatty food, if its amount is not too much. This refers to alcohol as well. But don’t drink much.

Composition of Cialis

Cialis  Super Active Plus is the newest FDA approved drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis is marketed in the form of gelatin capsules, which accelerates the onset of action of the drug after ingestion. The pharmaceutical agent in the gelatin capsules filled with the concentrated gel makes this generic the best one among other ED treatment drugs. The men who want to accelerate the process of the influence of drugs will be very satisfied. If the tablets are dissolved for a long time, capsules have more accelerated properties. And that is a huge plus and the advantage of Cialis capsules.


Each Cialis capsule contains the following composition: 20 mg of Tadalafil (Cialis without prescription) (main active component). It has the liquid form, that’s why you shouldn’t try to cut it.

Inactive additional ingredients: croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, iron oxide, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate, talc, titanium dioxide, and triacetin.

Recommendations on how to take Cialis in capsules

There are some recommendations for the use of the pharmaceutical preparation:

  • It is desirable to wash down the capsule with water. One capsule should be washed down with at least one glass of water. This will help Tadalafil quickly dissolve in the body and exert its influence.
  • Another good tip is to take capsule twenty minutes prior to sexual intercourse, it is a minimum period of time that is required. In general, you can take it about an hour before the planned sexual intercourse.
  • Also, there is one important restriction: it is forbidden to exceed the dosage. It is not recommended to take more than one capsule of Cialis per day.

How effective is Cialis in capsules?

By efficiency, Cialis takes a high level and the degree of quality. It works not just for one day. The pharmaceutical agent is helpful not only for erection problems as it recovers a good regular rhythm of sexual relations between a man and a woman in general. In this case, the treatment takes place very rapidly, achieving good results. Many men admit that the drug begins to act after several minutes, which is just amazing. Such form of buy Cialis Super Active plus production has certain benefits for stomach since one capsule is completely enough for one day and even longer. With this level of efficiency, Cialis can be prescribed to men who have the most difficult degree of erectile dysfunction.

A lot of clinical tests with respect to the action of Cialis capsules have been held. One test came to those men who also suffer from diabetes. It is noteworthy that as many as seventy percent of them, found improvements in the erection process. The drug doesn’t have any negative impact on diabetes, not aggravating the health any other way. The success of Cialis is obvious and many men have already succeeded in improving their sexual life with this wonderful medicine.

When is it necessary to use Cialis with caution?

Restrictions apply only to a small group of people:

  • Men suffering from heart and vascular diseases
  • Men who are taking medications with nitrates at the moment. The reaction of these two drugs on the body, often contributes to a sharp drop in pressure.
  • Men who suffer from high or low blood pressure level

If you have doubts concerning medications you want to combine using Cialis Plus, then it is better to consult a doctor and take into account all warnings in the operating Cialis capsules instructions. Responsible attitude will protect you from possible negative effects, which are not many if only you are not allergic to the main active substance- Tadalafil.

When it comes to select the best Cialis you are available with two options. Most of the time you get confused whether you should select Cialis or Cialis Super Active. It is a matter of fact that everyone wants to have the best quality product for the use. But, in case of treating your impotence you need to be careful with your selection of drug. In case of bet product sometimes you can select the wrong one that can cause you more trouble. In order to select the best one out of both, you can go through the following points. In the selection of a better product out of cheap Cialis and Cialis Super Active to Buy Cialis online, you need to measure the performance scale of both drugs. On a basic note, there is no specific difference in between both of drugs as they are identical to each other. The only difference is of potency and reaction in blood. On the performance scale, both of drugs give the same results. Cialis Super Active is suggested to be used by the people with acute impotence problems or advanced stage one, While Cialis can be frequently used by the people with normal cases.