Top-5 Effective Methods to Improve Potency

Sooner or later each man faces problems with erection. There are a lot of effective methods, which you can use to improve potency. Find out what you should do in order not to suffer from problems in sexual life. Problems with potency can be temporary, when erectile dysfunction is observed for a short period, and may have the permanent character, when erectile dysfunction is present for a long time. If such a problem occurs, before contacting a doctor, you can try to solve it yourself, observing some tips for maintaining masculine health.

Method number 1: Nutrition

Nutrition plays a primary role in the functioning of the whole organism. Food should contain all the necessary nutrients for the body, especially vitamins and minerals necessary for potency, the main ones are zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, vitamins of group B. Every day you have to fill the daily requirement for these substances. Products that increase potency should include substances that affect the functioning of the reproductive system and improve blood circulation. First of all, preference should be given to a variety of nuts. Peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts have a favorable effect on the production of testosterone. Experts recommend mixing walnuts with honey, and after two weeks there will be noticeable improvements.

Also, there are foods that have a great impact on the male power:

  • red meat;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • greenery;
  • seafood;
  • dairy products.

It is necessary to exclude from your diet: alcohol, energy drinks, strong coffee and soda. It is also worth reducing the consumption of potatoes and flour products.

Method number 2: Healthy Lifestyle

Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life and the presence of bad habits often lead to the fact that men have problems with potency. Frequent stressful situations, unhealthy lifestyle disrupt the normal course of the sexual life of many men.

A number of modern studies have revealed that such risk factors as a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of alcohol, drugs, smoking can lead to the problems with erection in men. After all, all these negative external influences significantly worsen the blood circulation in the arteries of the small pelvis, which leads to the appearance of problems with potency.

The effect of obesity on sexual dysfunction is proved. Also, a number of diseases of the genitourinary system, the intake of certain drugs, trauma, can have a negative effect. It is important to note that everyone can control the lifestyle. Normalization of a way of life, weight control, physical activity, refusal from smoking, alcohol, drugs can significantly improve the situation and contribute to the normalization of a man’s sexual life.

Method number 3: Healthy Sleep

Sleep is the most important life process responsible for restoring and accumulating strength for the next day. During sleep such important processes as excretion of sex hormones, melatonin, somatropin occur. In particular, in the deep sleep phase, the most important male sex hormone, testosterone, is released, which is directly related to the male health. Therefore, lack of sleep in men negatively affects the level of sex hormone, potency and health of the cardiovascular system.

Criteria for healthy sleep for men:

  • duration of sleep,
  • body position in a dream,
  • sleeping conditions

How much should you sleep? Doctors say that 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to restore the body’s strength and accumulate it for a new day.

The position of the body in a dream and the potency are also connected. It turns out that not only the duration of sleep is important, but also the position of the body in a dream is important. Spanish scientists have identified two poses that are capable of harming male potency:

  • The first posture is on the stomach. Under the influence of body weight, the bladder is squeezed and blood circulation is disturbed, which affects the potency poorly.
  • The second posture is the high position of the head during sleep. In this case, the blood circulation of the brain is impaired, which reduces the ability of the pituitary to release hormones, including sex hormones.

Method number 4: Sport

Sports has a beneficial effect on human health, makes it stronger and more enduring. For example, aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, jumping rope and any kind of active physical activity promotes the training of the cardiovascular muscle, oxygenation of the body, improving the lungs, activating the work of all organs. In turn, the potency depends on the general state of health, therefore, to increase it, it is advisable to strive for improvement of the whole organism.

Running, swimming, walking have the most positive effect on the male potency as these kinds of sport not only strengthen health, but also improve blood circulation to the genitals, which directly contributes to the increase of sexual function. For these purposes, you can also use special exercises to increase potency.

Also, from sport, the male hormone testosterone rises, which is responsible for sexual attraction and sexual function. The level of testosterone can increase from the strength exercises and exercises in the gym. The best exercises for potency are aimed at pumping the PC muscle. It has a length from the pubic bone to the sacrum, and its function is to maintain the anus in its proper position and adjacent internal organs. The muscle is subordinated to the nerve, which controls the activity of the genitals and anus, so it makes a connection between them and the brain. If it has the proper power, it is a generator of vital and sexual energy, which during the transformation stimulates the production of hormones responsible for a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Three effective exercises that will help to improve potency:

Exercise 1: Half-seated, kneel, stretch out your arms, squeeze the muscles of the anus. Slowly perform pellet rotation from side to side for a minute. As the muscles strengthen, bring the duration of the exercise to three minutes, and do several approaches.

Exercise 2: Hold the ball. Take a small (up to 20 cm in diameter) plastic or rubber ball. Standing, slightly bend your legs, put the ball between your knees and, straining your buttocks, squeeze it hard. Start with thirty repetitions, then do fifty.

Exercises: Standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms extended forward. Slowly sit down halfway, squeeze the buttocks with effort, stay for a few seconds, slowly rise and relax. Twenty repetitions are enough if you exercises on the regular basis.

Method number 5: Cialis

If you want to be 100% sure that you won’t fail at the most responsible moment then take Cialis. Cialis is an effective pharmacological drug that increases the power of sexual potency and restores erectile abilities. The doctors confirm the high effectiveness of the main substance, which has a small number of contraindications and side effects. Learn about How to Buy Cialis online >>

Tadalafil, acting as the main active ingredient of the drug, helps representatives of the stronger sex to solve problems in the intimate sphere and increase the level of sexual activity. In the production of the stimulating effect, the drug does not provoke a mutagenic change in the anatomy of the male genital organs, a decrease in testosterone production, or dysfunction of the adrenal cort. One pill per day is enough to improve the potency and prevent ED symptoms. The drug works for 36 hours providing the ability not to think about the drug’s intake during the whole weekend. Take the drug before the planned sexual intercourse and the result is guaranteed.