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Treatment of Erectile dysfunction with generic Tadalafil

Useful facts on Cialis generic

The advantages of these tablets seem obvious. First, they are extremely effective both in the treatment of impotence, and against rare episodes of erectile dysfunction. Secondly, various methods of taking Cialis allow…


Cialis dosage guide

Our short guide on Cialis dosage in its branded or generic form will help to select an individual dose for each man. It is worth remembering that you should carefully study all the information on the prescription…


Free Cialis coupon

In a regular drugstore, you will never be offered discounts for such powerful medicines as Cialis. That’s why many men prefer to buy these pills on the Internet. Not to mention the fact that online shopping saves…


Where to buy generic Cialis?

You can ask your family doctor to pick up a good medicine for you, or pay to be advised of an expensive surgery on the penis, or just buy Cialis super generic online. In fact, each method has its own advantages, but…


Tadalafil properties

Substance Tadalafil is the main ingredient of the most popular drug for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction, Cialis, and a number of its analogues. It is a selective PDE5 inhibitor, which helps increase blood flow to the tissues of the penis. In particular, this effect is due to the ability of the substance to relax the smooth muscles of the arteries and cavernous bodies. In other words, Tadalafil properties and action can help achieve a strong and long-lasting erection even those men who have long had lack of good sex. Moreover, the speed of absorption of this drug does not depend on the meals you eat. People who have used other erection improving pills will surely appreciate this property.

Is Tadalafil generic safe?

Probably, you know that practically any active substance and medicine has both an original form and a so-called generic version. Generics are absolutely identical to the original drugs. As a rule, the company that invented and registered the medication receives a patent for a period of 20 years, after the expiry of which it doesn’t have the exclusive right to produce and sell the medicine. However, normally generics completely copy the formula of the original substance, and therefore have absolutely the same properties. This partially answers the question: Is Tadalafil generic safe? In case of Cialis to fight erectile dysfunction, which contains Tadalafil, it is more important to determine whether the drug is suitable for you in general. The fact is that there are a number of contraindications to taking this medication, as well as a list of possible side effects. So, regardless of whether you choose the original drug or its generic version, these details should be taken into account before starting a course of treatment or taking tablets from time to time. In order not to worry in vain, you should know that generic manufacturers are required to prove that their products are bioequivalent to the original drug, before they start producing and selling the medicine. The very fact of such certification means that the medication is safe. Thus, Tadalafil generic won’t harm if you do not have contraindications, and if you follow the instructions for the use of the drug. Clinical studies confirm that quality control is the same for both original medicines and generic versions, including Cialis generic. Moreover, this is evidenced by the experience of patients. It is enough to find reviews of men who have tried both versions of yellow tablets on the Internet to make sure that Tadalafil is totally safe in any form. Typically, generics are cheaper because manufacturers do not have to invest in the search for new, efficient and safe molecules, as well as in additional research. There are also other factors which influence the final price of generic drugs. Anyway, before starting a course of treatment, make sure of safety of the active substance for you personally, keeping in mind your state of health, chronic diseases, lifestyle and sexual activity.

Where can I purchase Tadalafil online?

Almost every person, woman or man, wishes to live a full and exciting sexual life. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford it because of certain psychological or physiological problems. But, fortunately for men, they can always take advantage of one or more of the many pharmacological means to improve potency. Such medications not only help achieve a firm and long lasting erection, but also add pleasant sensations during sex. Among the most effective and popular medicines for beginning or progressing erectile dysfunction are well-known blue pills and yellow day-off tablets of Cialis. Their action depends entirely on the effect of the main ingredient, Tadalafil. Cialis tablets are often called weekend pills, because they literally allow you to spend whole weekend in bed. Unlike other similar drugs, it lasts on average 36 hours! Furthermore, men may also use these tablets to get rid of impotence permanently. Low doses of the substance allow you to have sex on a daily basis any time you wish. Id you need cheap Cialis learn about free Cialis coupon.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Heart Disease

First you need to go to the cardiologist. And then to start the treatment of ED. Be careful about taking Viagra.


Smoking is also bad for potency. Nicotine patch and willpower will help to get rid of addiction.


Alcohol is a trouble not only for men’s health, but also for the body as a whole. Do sports, it will distract from alcohol.

Diabetes & Surgeries

Sugar is a poison for diabetes. Diabetes very often causes problems with Erectile Dysfunction.


Obesity also has a negative impact on men’s health. Less fast food and preservatives. More walk.


Rest more often, worry less. Drink soothing products. Travel and do yoga. Massage will help you relax.

Tadalafil online

Despite the obvious advantages of Tadalafil compared to other means of treating impotence and erectile dysfunction due to different reasons, including common stress, there is one problem. The fact is that a prescription is usually needed for such highly effective drugs. However, not every man has enough money, and most importantly time, to go all the way from the first visit to his doctor to receiving a medical prescription. And not everyone is ready to undergo various clinical tests, including psychological ones, to prove their right to get a prescription. Those who are not ready to talk about their problems in sexual life, turn to the search engines with the usual phrase: Where can I purchase Tadalafil online? Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of fraudsters on the Internet, so before buying, you will have to look through at least several sites. However, it will take you a maximum of half an hour, while visiting clinics and waiting for a drug in a local drugstore might take up to three months. Anyway, purchase Cialis with the active ingredient Tadalafil only on proven sites that have positive feedback from regular customers. In addition, pay attention to the conditions of delivery of your package and the possibility of additional savings, for example, with discount coupons.

Dosage Tadalafil 20mg or 40mg?

Cialis with the main active substance Tadalafil in the composition is a universal medicine for any problems with the quality of erection. For your comfort, it is available in different dosages, in order to meet the requirements of each man. For example, to maintain their sexual function constantly, many men choose the daily intake of these tablets in the minimum dosage. Others prefer the maximum dose at those moments when they want to enjoy unforgettable sex for up to two days. However, the most popular dosage of these pills is Tadalafil 20mg.

Why? On the one hand, this form of medicine is more suitable for men who do not have serious problems with achieving and maintaining erection, and therefore do not need constant maintenance therapy. Such a dose is enough to feel the magic effect of the weekend pills. On the other hand, compared to stronger tablets (for example, 40 milligrams), Cialis 20 mg Tadalafil pills affect the health less, causing less side effects, and so on. In other words, medicine of this dosage will not provoke unwanted side effects and complications due to a lower concentration of the active substance. In any case, the choice of the optimal dosage for every single person should be based on a number of factors. Among them are: the degree of difficulty with achieving or maintaining an erection, the duration of the disease, the presence or absence of severe chronic diseases, general state of health, as well as sexual activity. Compared with tablets containing a minimal amount of Tadalafil, Cialis 20 mg acts significantly faster and stronger. Thus, it is an excellent choice for men who want to enjoy the whole weekend of sex with their partner. If you do not have a permanent partner, or you are too busy to look for adventures every day, this is definitely the best option for you. Keep in mind that with 20 mg tablets you will also be able to get an unforgettable orgasm that can really surprise you with its power. This dose is recommended by specialists even for men who do not experience serious problems due to impotence. The weekend tablets give the opportunity to enjoy great sex of long duration, and at the same time, do not notice any unpleasant side effects or other consequences of taking strong drugs of this kind. According to the conducted studies, 80-90% of men are absolutely happy with taking the drug Tadalafil in a dosage of 20 mg.
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