Symptoms and Treatment of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic problem that is simply associated with the blood sugar level and the working of the liver in a human body. The levels of glucose in the human body are actually responsible for this problem in general that is actually linked to the working and performance of the liver. It is very much important for the human body to keep a specific balance of sugar or glucose in the blood. The glucose level in the blood should not exceed the specified limit neither decreases from the set limit. For a healthy human body, there should be specific levels maintained that will help the person to have better routine activities.

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What is blood sugar?

Before getting to know more about diabetes it is very much important to know a bit about the blood sugar. Everything we eat in a normal diet does have a specific amount of glucose in it. Most importantly the deserts and sugar intake of our food are having plenty of glucose in it that is the ultimate source of energy for the human body. It is very much important for us to ensure that we will have something sweet for our food. In our body liver is the organ that excretes the compound termed as insulin that actually turns the glucose into energy packet and helps it to get absorbed in the blood sugar. A blood takes these energy packets to different parts of the body and it all helps us to utilize this energy. It is very much important for our body that we will have the glucose in a limited amount. Exceeding or decreasing of sugar in blood from the normal level can be harmful to life.It is very much important for a person to know that how diabetes can be acquired and what can be the conditions in the human body that can cause diabetes. The most integral organ that is controlling the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood is your liver. Along with the liver, there is a little organ named as pancreas that is responsible to release insulin in the blood. Insulin is actually the compound that makes it possible for the sugar to be the part of blood and let us utilize the energy in the best manner. Moreover, insulin is making possible that the blood sugar level will remain to the normal do not exceed or decrease from the defined limit. In case of damage or lack of production of insulin for diabetes happens to the person. when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin or is producing insulin at the highest level then condition get lost and turned into diabetes.

Types of diabetes

Generally, diabetes is divided into two types Type 1 and type 2. In Type 1, the person is not able to produce enough of insulin in the to handle the blood sugar. In this regard when the pancreas is not producing enough of insulin then the person could have higher blood glucose level that causes this way diabetic conditions. While on the other hand in the type 2 Diabetes the pancreas is producing the hormones of insulin but it is not actually working in the body. In this condition, the blood glucose level is not normal but not too much height to be considered as diabetic. in this condition, the body cells or insulin that is produced by the pancreas is not able to control the blood sugar level and things can be watched.

Major symptoms of Type 1 and type 2 diabetes

When a person is facing the problems with diabetes and his blood sugar is not normal or the insulin is unable to control the blood sugar then he should have to face some of the specific symptoms. Among these symptoms the person could experience the increased output of urine as he needs to pass the urine after short intervals and for long times as well. On the other hand, there is excessive thirst is faced by the person as he needs to keep the body hydrated with and every specific short span of time. weight loss is another symptom of diabetes sometimes it looks like that person is getting health-conscious butt unconsciously he is losing weight because of the diabetic conditions. More hunger and fatigue to the body or the other symptoms that are commonly observed in a person who is suffering from diabetes. Most importantly the skin problems and slow healing wounds are visible in the diabetic person as it is very much difficult for the person to get a cure for the wind. More numbness in feet and yeast infections or tingling in toes is common among the diabetic patients.

Proposed treatments for diabetes

It is not possible that if a number of people all over the world are facing some of the health problems then there is not any cure available for them. Medical Sciences have researched a lot about diabetes and due to its gradual expansion to the whole world there are a number of treatments are proposed by the medical sciences. more than the treatment it is believed that there are a number of precautions that a person should have to consider at the initial stage of diabetes that actually help him to avoid the worst conditions in the coming future. All the diabetes is search disease that cannot be completely treated but the precautions can actually help to improve the conditions and keep the process flow. if the person is not very much concerned about taking good care of his health then ultimately he could lead towards the advanced stages of diabetes very soon. Most commonly insulin is the best option that every diabetic patient has at the advanced stage when he needs to inject the hormones into the body after the specified interval to ensure that the blood sugar will remain normal. While on the other hand, the person needs to control the sugar consumption on daily basis even in the daily diet as well. Moreover, the body hydration is very much important and the person needs to take care of his feet specifically as any kind of injury on his feet could lead the things towards danger. most of the diabetic patients face slow recovery of their injuries so it is highly considered that they should avoid of being involved in such kind of activity that can cause them swear injuries.

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